The Blog with no Name

One day, I was bored, so I started a blog!I'm a thirty-something young lady, living and working in the Boston area. I created this blog while I was out of work a few years ago. I wanted a creative outlet for venting my job-hunting frustrations. As time went on, and I finally found employment, it turned into a place to post random stuff that I find online, and talk a lot about Olympic swimmers.I'm also a die-hard Boston Bruins fan and Olympic Fanatic. I love learning about the history of the Games, and I collect Olympic Memrobilia.  My favorite Olympic swimmers are Michael Phelps, Allison Schmitt, Ryan Lochte, and Conor Dwyer, amont others.  Follow me if you'd like. I like new friends and I follow back! I post a lot... about random things. You've been warned.

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